Meredith Clark

Poet & Writer

copyright Meredith Clark

copyright Meredith Clark


lone mare under the arced limb.

here, a list of yellow things:


the year,

the case it came in.


This poem, sycamore, is letterpress printed directly onto a sycamore leaf. It is part of a series of poems about trees, similarly printed onto leaves from the trees whose names they bear. I wrote and printed this series during a two-month residency at Nebraska's Art Farm.


Land i.

Seven bolts in the wide

       white door. At no point is this

yours to open. Take, in stead, the passenger

decks, one thru three,

hands on the wet rail,

the frank and upturned

    face of the sea.

After wave upon wave,

a continent.

Wrench from your mind the thought of it.

It remains.


This poem is one of seven land poems, written for the Dusie Kollektiv. You can view all seven of these pieces by clicking here.